Sky is not the limit-
it is just the beginning

Psychotherapy and nutrition
therapy services for adults, families
and teens
What we do


Our services are for teens, adults, and families

Our Mission

We are here to help you lead a life that makes you proud.

We can help you become empowered to make changes to facilitate personal growth and promote healing

We believe that therapy is a heroic journey of discovery, healing and growth, and it is uniquely yours.

We believe nothing happens in isolation, so we consider the influence of world events, life experiences, and a lot more while we work together.

Our Philosophy


Tenants of Sky Therapies

We believe trust is a vital component for therapy to work.
As a client-centred, trauma-informed practice, we care about every client who walks through our doors. We are committed to helping you create the life you could be proud of.
Evidence based
We provide therapy that has solid evidence backing its effectiveness.