Nutrition and psychotherapy
refined by
20 years of service


Therapeutic approach to healing

Sky Therapies is an advanced evidence-based practice that tailors nutrition and psychotherapy services for teens, adults, and families. We understand that a single therapeutic technique can not be applied to every situation, so we embrace a combination of modalities to meet each client’s unique needs. This approach allows us to offer a diverse set of tools to help clients move through life with greater ease and self-acceptance.

Unlike practices that view body weight and mental health as separate issues, we know they are often connected. We provide services that address the core of imbalances and not just the symptoms. At Sky Therapies you can expect an experience that is personalized, compassionate, and centred around your healing journey.

I created Sky Therapies with a vision to empower my clients. Through my own healing journey I gained awareness and understanding what actually works and what it takes to feel better. I have two professional passions, psychotherapy and nutrition. Starting as a Registered Dietician, I also became a certified diabetes educator, earned Master’s degree in Social Work, and trained in Psychotherapy. With combined learning and experience I have developed a unique blended approach to psychotherapy and dietetics. Over the course of my career, I incorporate a wide array of techniques and modalities to address a broad spectrum of individual’s challenges. I use an ongoing and extensive training to deliver truly personalized care for the community.

I specialize in working with teenagers, students, and adult who have anxiety, history of trauma, challenging relationships with food, and eating disorders. My compassion, sense of humor, and trauma-informed care help me connect meaningfully with individuals. I consider it my utmost privilege to stand by your side and empower you along your heroic journey.

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